I am me.


You know how your whole life people say things like, "you can do anything that you put your mind to" and "if you think you can, or you think you can't, you're always right", "just be yourself", "follow your heart", "listen to your gut"...

Am I the only one who has thought for years..."WHAT DOES THAT MEEEEAAAAAN!!!!????"

Let's be clear, I've set goals and followed my dreams, created my own path, but deep down I felt a little lost. Like there's something I'm missing. Now I know it's not giving a fuck.  It's following your dream regardless of what people think of it or you. It's believing that dream is in your heart for a reason. It's trusting that path your on is leading you in the right direction. It's not questioning if/why/how/when. It's living your life without inhibition. It's listening when someone needs to talk and not worrying about what you're late for or not getting done...you're supposed to be listening. You're supposed to be living. You're supposed to be forging your own path. You're supposed to have unique dreams that NO ONE is going to understand.

You may be lucky like me and have a lot of people supporting you in your dreams and goals. It's the best! But it can be suffocating. The pressure of being vulnerable with your dreams and then letting your friends and family down by not achieving them. But it's not them you answer to, it's you. You are the one you're answering to. You are the one worth fighting for. You are.

Just because you're on your own path, doesn't make you alone. It makes you awesome. Being unique doesn't make you weird. It makes you relevant.  

Let yourself be you and be free.