Day 11. I love to ride my bicycle.

I think I already mentioned this a couple of days ago, but since it's such a big part of my life, I figured it was worth revisiting. 

Just as with swimming, cycling has taken me places I never dreamed. I've raced in triathlons all over the world, done a few stage races and never enough cyclocross races. I love that you can get away from it all in the matter of minutes. I love that you can grab a group of friends and have a fun adventure. I love riding through trees. I love riding on country roads. I love riding through traffic. I love the wind on my face. The freedom of my spirit. I love it all. 

Most of all, I love climbing. I love being in the mountains. I love getting to the top of the mountain and seeing awe-inspiring views. 

I have loved all my bikes, from my first 10-speed, a turquoise Nishiki to my newest tri-bike from Diamondback. Of all the things to invest in for optimal riding experience, I've found the investment is worth it on saddles, shoes and helmets (shout-out Rudy Project). I don't like padding in my gloves and I love jackets and jerseys with a hidden hole for my headphones to feed through. I love stopping for a Coke when I'm REALLY tired. I love getting home after a long ride and feeling rode grime on my legs. I love the crazy looks I get when I run into a gas station in the middle of the day, when it's 110 degrees, to refill my water. I love making rice crispy treats with me and I love take a few bucks to grab a coconut macaroon (and espresso) at Anjou Bakery. I don't like when cars drive too close to me and I really don't like when they say it's my fault. I try to be visible and safe at all times, I ride in a straight line so they don't have to guess what I'm going to do next and I always signal with my arms. I listen to podcasts most of the time, but music only for hard intervals. I love jumping the water when I'm finished. And, I love hot chocolate after my ride, year-round.

Thank you so much all of you who have gone on rides with me and those who have supported me chasing my dreams.

Just like me, I hope you believe that dream is in your heart for a reason. Remember, if you want to catch your dream, you have to chase it. Get out there!