Day 10. Swimming.

Well, shoot. I almost went to sleep without posting! An hour ago I was all over it, that was before I remembered VS Fashion show was still recorded and before I just took some AdvilPM. Bare with me.

For the final 3 days of my 12 days of Christmas, I would like to honor what have become my 3 favorite individual sports. Yes, I still LOVE team sports, that's why I'm ON a team. I digress.

Up first (obviously) is the swim. I learned to swim 10 years ago at the ripe old age of 26. Growing up near the ocean, I never had a real fear of water. Before that point. That fear came in full force. I spent nearly every swim in tears for the first few years of triathlon. Since then it's tapered off, but the fear still lingers a bit. I will say that I have grown to absolutely love my time swimming. It's peaceful and, well, peaceful.  I used to dread my time in the water because it wasn't productive. While biking or running I could listen to a podcast that is relevant to my work, so I could justify it as multi-tasking. But swimming, was just swimming. Since I've learned to let go of NEEDING to feel "productive" every second of every day, it's made a big difference. That impact is felt in every aspect of my life, but the realization came in the pool.

I love how many beautiful places swimming has taken me. I've swam in China, Australia, Canada, California, Alabama, Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Florida, and beyond any place I could ever imagine. 

The water I have tattooed on my arm (and back) represents to me the most tangible representation of a greater power. If you've ever been in the middle of the ocean, you'll know what I mean. When I first learned to surf that feeling was overwhelming. At first a little scary, but almost instantaneously I felt peace. Peace that I could surrender the need to be in control. It also represents overcoming fear. I still remember coming home in tears EVERY night after swimming, and I stuck with it. I'm not much of a better swimming, but I am stronger for it. 

Thank you so much!  Only a couple days left :)