All week I thought on this blog, inspired to write something other than my thought life.  I came up with some really great topics!
As I sat down to write, I closed my eyes to clear my head. Opened my eyes, and let my intuition write take over and write what the topic should be.
REALLY?  Great.  Dear instincts, thank you for never giving me an easy out.
Though I do spend a fair amount of time speaking on my thought life, it is not an easy task.  It's not easy to let go of all my protective barriers and be able to write freely, and publicly.
First, before answering WHY, do we need to define the WHAT? This one took me a while.
Honestly, no, it doesn't matter what the WHAT is, my WHY is the same.

WHY do I do what I do? WHY am I who I am?

Because I choose to live a life worth telling a story about. Because I want to live the life of my dreams, not just dream about it. Because I want to inspire others to LIVE the life of their dreams by letting their authentic selves shine and grow brighter every day.  Because the best way I know how to inspire is to lead by example.  Because I am immensely grateful for my life and the things I get to experience in it, every day.
Why not!