Beyond limitations

Do you ever have days when all of a sudden something clicks?  When you feel like you've been running upstream, and then suddenly the current changes direction?  When you've been trying to make sense of that crazy painting and in the blink of an eye, you see an image clear as day?

I love having those moments of clarity.

With my first triathlon of the season a mere 2 weeks away, I've been oscillating between complete elation and fear.  Sounds about right.  The thing is, I couldn't figure out what I was so afraid of.  I'm so used to heading into races full of fear, that I don't yet know how to act when everything is going well.
Of course, nothing is absolutely perfect, but perfect is boring anyway.  Instead of celebrating my accomplishments in training, I found myself dwelling on the 1 or 2 things that weren't spot on, certain it was the demise of all my hard work.  I found myself stressing over anything possible.  "Oh no, I forgot my snack!!"...that probably means I will get nothing out of my training today, and that puts me a week behind, I'm losing fitness, I'm never going to make gains...woah, woah, woah!  Or, I just forgot a snack, and I'll be home in 30 minutes, probably not the end of the world.  For weeks I have been carrying on like this, looking for reasons or excuses I could give to myself...excuses I could use if I fail.
Here's the deal, I know what my dreams are.  I'm committed to living the life of my dreams. I'm all in.
Make no mistake, it took me the better part of 30 years to get to this point.  To shed my fear of failure, to be authentically me, no holding back.  But, change is not easy, my friends.
I'm continuously striving to be stronger and more courageous, to be driven by love and not fear.
Fear will always be there, and so will failure.
I refuse to let fear guide me and I refuse to let any failure derail my train.
Here's what I WILL DO:
I will not let fear limit my potential
I will cherish each day and every new lesson it brings
I will continue the fight to overcome my self doubt
I will recognize all that I am grateful for
I will live the life of my dreams

What is limiting you from realizing your dreams? What will you do today to push beyond those limitations?