Patience and Gratitude (camp part 2)

Guys, I know it's only been a day since my last post, bear with me.

The biggest lesson I learned while at camp is that I need to be patient with myself and my training.
Nuggets of wisdom:
"Everyday isn't going to be brilliant, sometimes it's just checking the boxes" -Cliff
...get to a point where you stop caring that you are in so much pain, and you can focus solely on the effort... (something like that) -CB
"Like everything in life worth doing, running after a night of beer just takes lots of practice. You can do it! " -Carly Johann

There are few things I do in this world solely on my own, and I wouldn't have it any other way!  Camp itself was full of highs and lows, but getting there was nothing short of complete elation.

Massive thank you to all my sponsors and supporters!
If you read my post on Wattie camp, you may have noted I ended with a little accident leaving me with a bruised coccyx - owie!  I'd like to thank Dusty and Karin for ensuring my repaired bike arrived to Tucson in time for my adventures. To Nikki of Advanced Massage Therapy and Tom Ovenell at Ovenell Chiropractic for getting me as mobile and comfortable as possible.

Training camp would not have been possible without the help of ALL my sponsors:

Wattie Ink Elite TeamPowerBar, Herbalife, SpiderTech, BlueSeventy, Reynolds, Rudy Project, ISM, Hypoxico, Speedfil
Sarah Barkley Racing: Adventure Wenatchee, CMI Apples, Arlberg Sports, SET Coaching , Specialized, D'Olivio
And, of course, my coach Cliff English, my family, friends and community!

Here's to 2014! TIME TO ROCK!!!!