Day 7. This is my lab!

Dear Blueseventy,

Thank you for taking the dread out of open water swimming.


Everyone who has worn a Helix.

It's been 10 years since I learned how to swim, but only 3 have been somewhat bearable. Seems like it's a common thread for adult-onset swimmers. It just doesn't take easily. 

I spent my first few years of triathlon with hand-me down wetsuits, until I knew I loved the sport. Than I bough a cheep one to get by. THEN I mustered up enough coin for a nice one, my Blueseventy Helix. Game changer. My wish for everyone interested in triathlon is that they are able to start with a NICE wetsuit. You know, one that fits. Doesn't hold water. Doesn't burn your neck. Has thinner material on the arms/shoulders to reduce fatigue. Is flattering - haha, just seeing if you were paying attention. 

I can't speak highly enough about the comfort, fit and performance of my wetsuit. Love.

Speaking of swimming, Blueseventy also has swimWEAR for training - what?! And I love it too! It's incredibly durable, that or I don't swim enough. Either way, they rock! And I've been wearing the same training suit for 2 years... Their goggles are pretty dope too, if you're in to that kind of thing. That didn't really make sense, everyone is in to goggles!

Yes, they are a sponsor, but I would tell you this anyway.

Happy swimming!