Day 6. Recover. Rest. Recharge.

If there's one thing we could all use more of, it's time. Time to get all we want to accomplish finished and still have time to sleep. Because, sleep. SLEEP is rad. 

I know, I know, if you are east-coasters, you are not going to be reading this ON Sunday, making this late. But, for me having a slow day is SUPER important. I fight my tendency to follow a timeline and get bummed out if everything isn't my way. We sleep in if possible, make waffles and enjoy the day. Today was no different. We slept and ate a bit, watched the Seahawks game (while I ran on the treadmill) and ran errands (Christmas shopping) before I headed to work. I love it.

In the past (at least 10 years), the thing I neglected the MOST was sleep. Sleep and me time. During that time I tried to convince myself that I shouldn't be tired. If I can still perform well, I must be fine. But I was tired. So tired. All the time. It took me WELL OVER an entire YEAR to recover. I slept 8-10 hours a night AND napped every day. I did, and I feel like a new person. A person I forgot existed. A person with fight, vigor and inspiration. I can't tell you how many people say I look "younger", "so much healthier", "happier", "stronger", "rested", "loved". 

What changed? I learned to listen to myself. I slept when I was tired instead of convincing myself to keep on plugging away because "I shouldn't be". I had quite time when I was feeling overwhelmed. I made lists. I journaled. I took time with friends. I let myself be okay with rescheduling or canceling workouts if I was too tired or life changed course for the day/week - whatever! I learned to be bendy. Go with the flow. Most of all, I learned to not judge how I was feeling. Instead, I honored how I was feeling. I listened to my intuition. 

I know it's not an easy thing to do. it's hard. It takes practice. It takes time. Whatever it takes, it's worth it. I'm not kidding, I feel like a NEW PERSON, who is at least 10 years younger. All it took was a little (lot) of sleep. 

Sorry if you were looking for a gift idea. I guess what you could do is watch somone's kids for a slumber party. Make sure your loved ones are getting some time for themselves. And by goodness, do it for yourself - if for no other reason than it will make you more enjoyable to be around. 

CHEERS to that!