Day 5. You are what you eat.

Today I would like to honor sound nutrition practices and gut health. I clearly remember my Dad telling me as a kid, "If you want to be a fat, greasy dude; eat fat, greasy food." Needless to say, food was always a big part of my like as well as knowing full well, the importance of being mindful of what you are putting in your mouth. Of course, this mindset, when taken to the extreme, can be quite harmful.

Over the past year, I completely revamped my nutrition game and mindset. I learned to nourish my body every day, no matter what my "training" had in store for me. While at the same time learning how to better fuel my training for better results, energy and recovery. I've always practiced eating real, whole foods, but not in a very balanced way. 

I was able to make changes as well as see and feel how impactful those changes were not only on my performance, but in my mental clarity, energy, mood, sleep, etc. 

It would not be honest of me to tell you I did this all on my own. No, it took a team and a lot of support. I was surrounded by professionals and friends who helped guide these changes and help ensure they stuck. Thank you so much TEAM!! Marni, Flanny, Roxanne, Jason, Mom, Brother, Dad, Cathy, Adam, and all of my friends and family. You are the best.

Not only did I learn to eat in a more balanced way through out the day and how to properly utilize sports nutrition timing and products, but I also realized the importance of gut health and how having a probiotic that works with your body can enhance all of those things. I have found a LOT of success with SoundProbiotics, I recommend trying to find something that works for you.