Day 4. Live where you love.

Today is a mini celebration of living in the place that I love! As a triathlete, I spend a LOT of time outside. Because that is an important part of my life and being happy is another important part of my life, I made the choice to live in a place that makes me happy to be outside. Make sense!?

Sleeping pear orchard

In case you didn't know, to me that place is Wenatchee, WA. Really the ONLY thing I don't like about it is not having a decent aquatics center, but I can live with that. Wenatchee is an absolutely stunning place to ride/run/swim or whatever you like to do outside. Plus, it's a lovely small town with super nice people :)

If you are EVER in the area, let me know! If you need a break/vacation/train-cation/ let me know!

Not only is the scenery world class, it's home to my favorite things to eat->>> apples, pears and cherries <<<- YUMMMM! In case you didn't know, Wenatchee is the "Apple Capital of the World" and one of the largest cherry and pear growing regions too! The industry holds a VERY special place in my heart. 

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