Day 2.

That's right folks, we are one day closer to Christmas. Hope that does't TOTALLY freak you out. If it does, don't worry. I'm sure all your relatives will not be too surprised that you waited until the last minute to think of gifts and got them all a sample pack of bars/gels...the ones you cleaned out from the bottom of your gym bag. Not that there's anything wrong with that....

Not to bum you out, but this post isn't about bars or gels. Nothing nutrition related.

No, today is all about SHOES! Jason always complains that I have a shoe problem. I disagree. I think I have only the essentials.

Boots, check. Troenthorp clogs, check. Uggs, check. Brooks running shoes, check. check. check. check. check. check. check. check. check. check. check.

Growing up in Oregon, I was a Nike girl through and through. Those days are long gone as I've found myself in a full-on love affair with Brooks ( for the past several years. It breaks my heart every time I have to get rid of a pair. After-all we spend a lot of time together.

Obviously I am partial to the Brooks Ghost for every day training (so cushy), Pure Connect for speed work and racing (light and responsive), and the Pure Grit (traction for days) for dirty days. My mom is partial to the Glycerine and I have been known to love the Transcend for long days on my feet. Lucky for me, I've been a part of the Brooks I.D. program which not only allows me to stock up on my faves at minimal cost, but also some free swag to give away at our RunWenatchee track workouts :)

Don't forget, they have a pretty dope vintage line as well for those recovery days ;)

Another thing I particularly like about Brooks is that they are based out of Seattle, which makes them practically local.

If you are interested but have never tried Brooks, or you just want to try a new shoe, I'd recommend starting with the shoe finder, for me it was SPOT ON. My feet have never been happier.