Boise 70.3, thank you.

Boise 70.3 was well over a week ago, in case you didn’t know...or thought I didn’t know my race report is tardy.  Frankly, I don’t know what you all do the week after a race to be able to churn out the blogs...for me, it takes a while to catch up on work, life and processing what went down.

Lucky for you, I’ve now had PLENTY of time.

Race week was a little rocky for me, but a little family time, Wattie teammate time and some me time, I showed up ready to race.  More-or-less.

For those of you who haven’t heard.  The former olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno was making his triathlon debut in Boise.  The first race on his road to Kona this year.  Which also means his coaches were there, Paula Newby-Fraser and Craig Alexander Otherwise, it was just like any other race.  Oh, and other than the noon start time.  

SWIM. Just as every other time I’ve swam in Lucky Peak, the last portion of the swim was choppy as hell!  I handled better than ever. I chalk that up to my training and my custom Wattie Ink BlueSeventy Helix.  Now, if I could only stay on course. I REALLY need to reign that in.  I exited the swim a little slower than I expected, but happy I was able to get in a few extra yards and exit with a smile on my face, WIN.

In other news....

Wetsuit strippers are not my thing.  But, they did provide some shenanigans to keep the crowd entertained.  A group of guy volunteers positioned themselves at the bottom of the “stripping zone” so they had first pick of the “cute girls”, encouraging all the other racers up the ramp. Cleaver.  

Though Apolo has 2 of the most decorated triathletes of all time coaching him, they forgot to mention that once the wetsuit was stripped, he had to take it with him back to T1.  Ha, oops!  He made it up the ramp before Crowie was able to get his attention and send him back to retrieve it.

BIKE. I felt really strong riding my Shiv.  Tempering my aggression with a little patience.  I was enjoying the ridiculously smooth ride on my new wheels, until I nearly lost my tire at the turnaround. Flat. Shit. Don’t panic.  It took me forever to remove what I needed, so (not) cleverly taped to my saddle.  Once I managed that, in a jiffy, I was off and riding again.  I made it about 20 more miles before having to add some more air to my slowly leaking tire and just hoped it would hold until T2.  Whew. Barley.

In other news...

Having a flat tire was pretty good luck, as it turns out!  2 of my friends were involved in accidents during the race.  One walked away a little banged up and shaken, but continued on to finish the race. The other was not so lucky.  Sadly, Steve Lutz of CMI Growers hit one of the water canals towards the end of the ride, lost control and went down. Hard.  He has extensive injuries, broken clavicle, scapula, 7 ribs, bruised lung and abrasions.  Looks like he should fully recover, in due time.  Wishing him a smooth road to recovery!

RUN. And then there’s the run.  In training, my run has improved astronomically.  In training. My first mile was fantastic, right on pace.  Not so gracefully, my mojo slowly unraveled over the next 7 miles and after a little puke sesh, I took a turn for the better.  Somehow I finished with a strong last 4 miles.  In gratitude.  Once I started to feel junky, early on in the run, I turned into a negative-nelly, full of doubt and dis-trust in my body.  I don’t even know why, but between miles 8-9, I remembered gratitude and poured it on myself!  Every time I had a muscle cramp, a doubt, a slowing pace, I closed my eyes and gave thanks to my body.  And I’ll be damned if it didn’t work!  

In other news...

I beat Apolo Ono!

Speaking of gratitude, how awesome is it that I get to race :)  and have such an amazing team of support!  Major league thanks to Wattie Ink, CMI Growers, Adventure Wenatchee, Power Bar, ISM Saddles, Arlberg Sports, D’Olivo, Ovonell Chiropractic, SpiderTech Tape, Herbalife 24, Speed Fil, Blue Seventy, my family, friends and beloved community!

And my coach Cliff English has done such an amazing job, pushing me to continually progress over the past few months.  Thank you SO MUCH!