Eye on the prize...or at least up the road

While dishing out some advise to a cyclist on the path the other day who was trying not to hit me while headed straight towards me, I realized it was better advise than I intended.

Clearly a new cyclist, I told him to keep his head up and eyes focused on where he wants to go instead of on what he was trying to avoid.  

We practiced.  He thanked me.  

Then it hit me. I rode away with that statement repeating over and over in my head.  "Keep your head up and eyes on where you want to go."

All too often we get so caught up in everything else that it's easy to lose perspective and get distracted.  This can manifest in many different ways.  For me, I get so caught up in trying to best each workout and/or race, only to beat myself up for not living up to that expectation, my own expectation.  Only to realize afterwards that most of the time I had, in fact, hit the goal I set out to accomplish.  

Do you do this too? Does constant comparison to others leave you discouraged? Do you lose focus and find yourself obsessing over something insignificant like new gear or gadgets instead of your training?  Are you afraid to take the next step towards something even though you've already overcome a million obstacles on that path?

Keep your goals where you can see them every day.  Pick your head up.  Realize how far you've come. Know you're capable of WAY more than you could ever dream. Be grateful..