Yes, I realize it takes me a bit of time to post race reports.  It for a good reason though, promise.  If I were to post right after the race, all I would likely write about are the things I did wrong...it would be like one giant pitty party.  I hate pitty parties.  

The truth is, I headed into Wildflower with arguably the best fitness of my life.  i've never felt more well trained heading into a race.  No matter how hard I train, it doesn't make me immune from what I would consider a sub-par performance.  

I was thrilled about the course revision and looked forward to seeing where my preparation would take me.  

Race morning went off without a hitch. I arrived at the swim start still reeling from my dream the night before of coming out of the water first.  Though I was fully aware the likely hood of this panning out was slim, I was none-the-less beyond happy with my swim fitness. Despite swimming off course, I still managed to pull off a decent swim and made up quite a bit of time on the first 2 mile run.  

It took me an unusually long time to find a rhythm on the bike, but once I did I felt pretty golden.  So, when I headed out running again, it came as a complete shock that I had nothing.  And I mean nothing.  I tried to remain optimistic that my legs would come around and kept my focus in the moment, but there was no denying it was going to be a long day. And it was.  

The good news is that I did it and in the end, I can even say it was fun.

Though I prefer races that are less "learning experiences" and more feats of strength and will.

I am forever grateful for my incredible team who warmly welcomed me and quickly turned my spirits around by hearing all their stories of triumph.  I'm proud and honored to be a part of such a strong and welcoming triathlon family!  Thank you Wattie Ink!!

None of this race would have been possible without Wattie Ink, Adventure Wenatchee, CMI Growers, D'Olivo, PowerBar, Blueseventy, Rudy Project, SpiderTech Tape, SpeedFil, Reynolds, Arlberg Sports, Specialized, Herbalife, ISM and all my family and friends.