Progress not perfection

Over the past month or so, I have been hit hard with a big heaping pile of my own medicine.  

Isn't it funny how that happens?  

Here's the thing, I, like most of you, am much better at giving advise than I am at listening to it.

Over the past few months, I have made many small decisions to sacrifice my own needs...just a little bit at a time.  I actually thought I was getting away with it too.  Until all of a sudden, I was unable to find a way around, through or over the heaping pile of my own medicine.  I needed to figure out how to swallow it.  So here I am, with this big pile, and just as soon as I started to take a little bite here and a tiny bite there, the whole damn pile fell right on top of me.  At that point I was so exhausted and overwhelmed all I could do was lay there.  Both literally and figuratively.  

Ok, no worries, I've got this  **deep breath**

You see, though I successfully put myself under, I do actually have the awareness and tools enough to get myself out of it, for once in my life.  Though I could very easily sit here and beat myself up over it, saying things like "I should know better by now", "how could I let myself down", "I will never be able to be a good coach if I can't be a better example"...

I choose instead to acknowledge that I messed up, take ownership of it, and take the necessary steps to get myself and my life back on track.  But it takes time, just as it took a great deal of time to put me in this predicament in the first place.  

Despite all my imperfections and mistakes, I choose to love myself anyway.  To love myself anyway. Love myself. 

Since February is the month of "love", what better time an exercise in just that. 

Before making a decision regarding my daily life, training and work schedules, I am asking myself...which option will make you feel the most loved.  This is not easy for me, it feels selfish, foreign and futile.  It takes trust, acceptance that I'm worth it and a great deal of patience.  

Trust. Patience. Love. I can do this.

And if I can do this, so can YOU!  

In honor of yourself, in honor of me and in honor of the month of LOVE, you can do this too!!